Welcome to 3A's Grantown - Attractive, Active, Accessible Grantown

Community consultation

March 20243As Active travel project is nearing the end of Phase 2.  Once this is finalised with Sustrans the project will be picked up by CNPA as part of their much bigger project.  The Grantown Society heartily thanks all those who have played a positive part in achieving this progress in what has been a mammoth and difficult task.

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Active Travel Exhibition and Consultation:  June 24th to 27th 2022 Grantown Community Centre

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Consultant reports for stages 0 and 1 NB Reports should be dated as 2021 and not 2012

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Please visit the exhibition and complete the survey.  Thank you

March 12th 2022.  Berryburn Windfarm community fund have just awarded The Grantown Society £500 to enable use of Equal Adventure's all terrain buggy - the BOMA. 

February 3rd 2022 update.  The project, with the benefit of a £55k award from Sustrans has now started work on Stage two looking in detail at options for (a) the Seafield Avenue/Grant Road junction, Mossie Road and Church Avenue (b) The Square crossing and Primary School link (c) cycle storage an dsignage and (d) Dulaig Court links and path improvements.

May 14th 2021 update.  Our Places for Everyone Stage 1 report has now been submitted along with a request for fundng for stage 2 (concept design) and 3 (developed design) for key routes to Grantown's schools.  We have also commissioned an initial concept design and appraisal of the Public Realm (open spaces and infrastructure) for The High Street, the Square and Burnfield.  This will be followed by in-depth public engagement and consultation.

Further update 23/03/21 Following the first three of our series of successful stakeholders meeting we are looking to have a temporary speed limit of 20mph set up for a trial period. Update mid March 2021:  As always comments are welcome.

Following our three engagement events in the Square before Christmas and our postcard survey, we have now had two stakeholder virual consultations with more to follow soon. We are beginning to formulate some general principles and concepts for route design.

Attractive, Active, Accessible Grantown” aims to encourage sustainable movement around and within the town by planning and providing accessible and attractive routes that link key community locations. The project will also propose Placemaking enhancements aligned to the town centre with enhanced integrated public realm and active travel proposals.

Welcome to 3A's Grantown - Active, Accessible, Attractive Grantown: Supported by Sustrans "Places for Everyone"

 This Sustrans project aims to facilitate and encourage active travel in and around Grantown by providing safe, accessible and attractive routes that link community locations.

 Ultimately the project will have the benefit of improved health and safety, an increased sense of community pride and well-being and decreased reliance on motor vehicles for immediate and long term environmental health.

 This is the start of the journey, beginning with little steps in which the most important aspect is engaging with the community and for you to tell us how you would achieve 3 A's Grantown.

Our third appearance in the Square alongside the Farmers' Market was again a success in raising awareness and gathering information and comments.  Although our Grantown-wide postcard questionnaire has been delayed we shall have a presence in the Community Centre for Grantown Does Christmas and the Christmas Tree Festival

One of 3A's first tasks is to collect as many comments from the community as possible about the challenges and opportunies for active travel in Grantown.  To help with this we have employed TGP landscape architects. We have also had a stall at the Autumn Farmers' Markets in the Square.

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