The Grantown Society November Meeting

(7.00 for) 7.30pm

“Grantown Square and East End”

In the context of Highland History, Grantown is but new.  Nevertheless, it has many unique and fascinating stories to tell.

At its heart is The Square, Grantown’s original market place.  Here the first building - a linen manufactory - was started on the morning of June 28th 1765 with local stone and timber from Rothiemurchus, at a cost, for example, of 6 shillings for the 8 and 10 foot lengths of floorboards to be floated down the Spey to the mouth of the Kylintra Burn.

Here, in the Square, one year later, on the eve of Figgat Fair, a unique ceremony took place when the Cross of Regality from Old Grantown was brought and set up in the Square as a symbol of the transfer of power from the old to the new.  Here, too, impressive and dignified buildings were placed on ‘lots’ equally spaced along the sides of the Square - banks, hotels, public buildings, shops and offices, a courthouse and police station as well as the homes of many distinguished Grantownians.

Following detailed and painstaking research, the story of Grantown’s Square and East End will be presented by Society members using a variety of anecdotes, old and new photographs, maps and documents.

Gathering around the well in the centre of Grantown Square.

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