The Grantown Society January Meeting

January 26 2018   The Grant Arms Hotel 7.30

“Grantown on Glass”

The evening starts with an insight into the photographic skills of the Victorian photographer who, far from our days of mobile phones and digital cameras, worked with heavy cameras and glass negatives.  This will be demonstrated by one of today’s leading local photographers, Stewart Grant.  Grantown has an illustrious history of photographers going back to the 1860’s with names such as Urquhart, Ledingham, Batchen, Russell as well as visiting specialists such as Valentine and Washington Wilson.

The work of these early photographers was on glass negatives and often turned into postcards.  Recently some of the glass negatives of Angus Stuart have been turned into digital photos and these will provide the main part of the evening.

Other photographers will not be left out though and this should make a fascinating evening.  

The story is spiced by a tale of A Grantown riot involving one photographer!

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