EventsFebruary 16th “Kompani Linge”  

Illustrated talk by Alastair McCook MBE

7.30 Grant Arms Hotel.

followed by a brief talk from Gaby Laing on the role of the  Scottish Civic Trust Scottish Civic Trust

When the Germans occupied Norway in World War II a number of Norwegian military personnel and members of the Norwegian resistance fled to Great Britain. Many of them were reconstituted into various Norwegian units that would re-enter the war against the Nazis. Some became members of the Kompani Linge and took part in a clandestine mission in 1943 to destroy a heavy water plant (to be used by the Germans for an atomic bomb).

The training was conducted by the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) and was known as Special Training School SPS26. The Norwegians were trained in their fighting and sabotage skills at a training camp named Glenmore near Aviemore, Scotland. Their mission was to attack the heavy water plant at Rjukan in Telemark in southern Norway.

Memorial to Norwegian forces at Glenmore Centre

The plaque states:- "Kompani Linge

This stone was erected by the people of Badenoch in honour of the gallant company of Norwegian patriots who lived among them & trained in these mountains 1941-1945 to prepare for operations in occupied Norway. By skilful & daring raids on military & industrial targets they harassed the enemy & denied them vital supplies. These dangerous missions were not carried out without losses, 37 brave men of Kompani Linge gave their lives in our common cause."

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