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Heritage Plaques

Part one:  Castle Road; Garth; Burnfield; The Square; Courthouse; Morlich House; Grant Arms; Speyside; Church Avenue; Masons' Lodge.

Part two: High Street; Victoria Institute; Baptist Curch; Station Road; Park and Pond; Old Inverallan; Woodside Avenue; Military Road; Primary School; Back Street.

A walk to View Point gives a panoramic view helped by a very useful chart.  It was erected in 1914 and points to all the key mountains from Ben Rinnes, Cromdale Hills, Cairngorms down towards Dalwhinnie. 

Cromdale Hills have great views over Moray Firth and up towards Ross-shire and Sutherland on a good day. A good short walk is above lynebreck at turnoff to Nethy. Follow track to the two cairns, one is built as a wind break. Great views to Cairngorms, Abernethy forest and Grantown.

Since Victorian Times Grantown has promoted its many freely accessible walks.  One 1930's guidebook provided the following map. The text from the guide is added here also for extra information

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